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New Florida legislation could shutter state's solar uptake

A bill recently introduced to the Florida legislature could hamper rooftop solar efforts in the state. Republican Senator Jennifer Bradley introduced the bill, which proposed reducing solar reimbursement rates by up to 75%, among other changes.[...]

California redwoods to be reclaimed by Indigenous groups

Ten Indigenous tribes onA CaliforniaasA Lost Coast are about to get their ancestral homeland back.A Save the Redwoods LeagueA announced Tuesday that it will transfer over 500 acres back to the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council.[...]

First ceramic geodesic dome in the world is affordable

Geoship installed its first bio-ceramic geodesic dome in a bid to create long-lasting, zero-carbon, fireproof and biologically resonant architecture for a new way of building homes. The company is relatively young, with just 400 paid deposits for homes, but they work by a co-op model and have over 2,000 investors.[...]

Brazilian Pavilion at The World Expo transports visitors into nature

The immersive displays at The World Expo Dubai speak to technology, innovation, nature and the environment. Thanks to Cactus, an innovative award-winning design studio, the Brazilian Pavilion stands as an example of these water-cooler topics.[...]

3-in-1 flashlight, lighter and pry bar is rechargeable

Want a multi-functional tool that is also eco-friendly? The Hunt 4.0 by London-based SEPTEM Studio is a rechargeable flashlight you can plug into your laptop. It's also a lighter and a multi-purpose opener tool that fits on your keychain. [...]

Newly discovered catalyst offers solution for methane

Researchers have found and tested a catalyst that could convert methane gas into valuable compounds. A study in Nature Catalysis says the catalyst will be able not only to convert methane but also develop industrially vital compounds. These findings provide an option for combatting methane's harmful greenhouse effects.[...]

Solar panel technology breakthrough to increase efficiency

With the pressure on to save ourselves from global warming, we need more efficientA solar panelsA like yesterday. But the next best thing is soon, and thanks to new developments in solar technology, solar panels may increase their efficiency by almost half by 2025.[...]

How using 3D-printed foam can cut down concrete waste

The construction industry is highly unsustainable. In fact, 7% of global CO2 emissions result from cement production alone. In an effort to cut down construction-related carbon emissions, researchers in the Digital Building Technologies (DBT) department at ETH ZA1/4rich have created FoamWork. The project examines how foam 3D printing (F3DP) can be used in conjunction with concrete casting. The outcome is a less labor-intensive system that enhances material efficiency and lowers carbon emissions.[...]

A little library provides a space for mental health

For the past two years, headlines and realities of the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought stress, worry and loss. To varying degrees, nearly everyone is carrying a burden, with degrading mental health as a result. The Feelings Library by CAUKIN Studio was a temporary installation designed to provide an outlet for emotional resolution.[...]

Latest Adidas shoe uses upcycled materials to avoid waste

Adidas has introduced a new hiking and athletic shoe in its TERREX line of apparel. The Nothing Left Behind Free Hiker Gore-Tex shoe is an ankle-supporting athletic shoe in sophisticated colors for the sustainably-minded hiker. It's the latest in a growing movement for sustainable footwear.[...]

These sustainable cabins settle into gorgeous landscapes

In remote spots all over the western United States, one architecture firm is blending the past with modern design. JLF Architects has designed several sustainable cabins to create a vision for the future[...]

Sustainable renovation brings The Bailey Residence to life

In Black Butte Ranch, Oregon, The Bailey Residence is a nostalgic, sustainable renovation. Last updated in the 1970s, the 1,800-square-foot residential property has been reimagined by Oregon-based design firm Hacker.[...]

Cute Gentoo penguin takes selfies in this amazing video

Thanks to advances in technology,A penguinsA can now take selfies. Like a snowboarder with a GoPro, a Gentoo penguin was able to document its twisting, diving, sardine gobbling, and general shredding through the waters off Tierra del Fuego, thanks to Argentinian scientists who fitted him with a special video camera. You can see the penguin rocketing through densely packed schools of fish, with other swimming shorebirds in the background.[...]

This green community immerses its residents in natural living

Living the Noom started with an idea: create a lifestyle option that met the needs of someone aiming to live an eco-friendly, wellness-centered lifestyle. Designed by Sanzpont (arquitectura) and Pedrajo + Pedrajo Architects, Living the Noom has won Architizer, Muse and Rethinking the Future awards for its innovative ideas. The first community applying Living the Noom concepts is in Cancun, Mexico.[...]

Plant Prefab aims to make housing accessible and affordable

Between impact on the land, use of resources, construction waste and effects on air quality, the building and maintenance of homes and businesses accounts for nearly 40% of carbon emissions on the planet. Plant Prefab is setting out to change all that.A [...]

Coral in the Mediterranean threatened by heatwaves

A new study has found that heatwaves associated with climate change are threatening coral populations in the Mediterranean. The study, published inA Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology, established that corals could be wiped out unless action is taken soon.A [...]

Tonga faces environmental damage after massive eruption

The worldas most powerful eruption in more than 30 years has left the Pacific Island nation ofA TongaA an ashy mess. The January 15 eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga HaE>>apai, a massive underwaterA volcano, has left unknown environmental consequences in its wake.[...]

Canton Avenue harkens back to the Silk Road of China

The Canton Avenue by MOK Design for the Westin Pazhou Hotel in Guangzhou is a walk back in time, revisiting the days when the hotel was a stop on the historic Silk Road of China. The Westin Pazhou Hotel Guangzhou was jointly built by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Starwood Hotels and Resorts International Group. It is located in the center of the Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, with views of the city and the Pearl River. [...]

19th century Harlem house restored to be energy efficient

A 19th-century house, owners interested in passive house design and an architectural firm came together with a resulting blend of original elements married to modern innovations in a big-city row house.[...]

Urban Forest is set to be the greenest residential building

Urban Forest designed by Koichi Takada Architects and developed by Aria Property Group received approval to be built in South Brisbane, Australia. The 20-storey building will house 194 apartments, all trimmed out with luscious vertical garden balconies. [...]

Aptera upgrades its unique solar-charging EV

Aptera's three-wheeler enclosed electric car has already made its mark as a unique new offering on the EV scene. The solar-charging EV never needs to be plugged in, all while competing with mid-level Teslas for range when charged as a traditional EV. Now, Aptera says it has completed some major upgrades to make the cars even more competitive. Here's what's new with Aptera's revolutionary EVs.[...]

Indoor-outdoor living drives this design for VAVA House

Architecture takes a variety of forms and serves many purposes, but most people would agree that the best home is one that meets the family's needs and lifestyle goals. To this end, VAVA House was designed to emphasize indoor-outdoor living through shared space and a connection to the outdoors.[...]

Meditation cottage fits on the tiniest lakefront space

Sometimes, architecture is about specific design elements or striking visual characteristics. Sometimes, itas more about letting the location of the structure have the last word. Situated on a slim slice of shorefront land in eastern Finland, the KynttilA$? (candle) is a sustainable meditation cottage that honors unique location requirements.A [...]

LEED Gold HEC Montreal will house AI research

HEC Montreal, designed by Provencher_Roy, is a partnership between Montreal's business community and local students and researchers. The certified LEED Gold center is located at the intersection of the Quartier des Affaires, Quartier des Spectacles and the Quartier International on a historic site of Canada. HEC Montreal aims to be a hub of exchange through collaborative programs for academics and business leaders working together. [...]

Energy efficient bamboo device in Vietnam is a cooling system

AREP, a multidisciplinary architecture agency, created a cooling system prototype based on the history, culture and original designs used by ancient civilizations. Called an adiabatic urban cooling system, the idea dates back centuries, yet is still perhaps the most natural solution for the challenges of cooling modern Vietnamese cities facing regular heat waves.[...]

IMMERST floating community is adaptable, modular and prefab

As buildable land becomes increasingly scarce, long-standing yacht company Stephens Waring Design has developed a new design concept called OASys (Ocean Architectural System), which could be the answer for coastline challenges likeanimalhabitat conservation, erosion and lack of suitable development space.[...]

ExxonMobil plays dirty to deny role in the climate crisis

ExxonMobil has turned to intimidation in attempts to stop its critics from taking legal action. The giant oil company is trying to use an unusual Texas law to target critics outside the state. Exxon has asked the Texas Supreme Court to allow it to use rule 202 to take on California municipal officials.A A [...]

Polar researchers discover enormous icefish nesting site

They have see-through skulls, transparent blood, and they built 60 million nests beneath the frigid waters of theA Antarctic Sea. Theyare Jonahas icefish, and a polarA researchA team has just discovered what might be their largest breeding colony in the world.[...]

Airavat is a home in the clouds flowing with beauty

Airavat, a "home in the clouds," is a new creation by reD Architects on the outskirts of Mumbai that casts a striking complement to its natural surroundings. [...]

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The Advantages of Using Sherpa Fleece Fabric

Sherpa fleece fabric is a very popular material as it is soft and looks great. Sherpa fleece fabric comes in many different styles, colours and sizes. This fabric can be used for jackets, blankets and other accessories that are made to keep you warm. It is also widely used in making children’s clothing. Sherpa fleece […]

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Trend Alert: The Best Prom Dresses for 2022

This story originally appeared on cocoandcreme Every year, fashion trends come and go. Trends are important to notice because they shape the way we look. Some significant movements have taken place over the past few years and will continue to define our wardrobes in the future, such as body-con dresses, sequins, and animal print. Here’s […]

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5 Fashion Tips for This Season

This story originally appeared on bazaardaily Fashion can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. These five trends are perfect for this season and will ensure that you look fresh, chic, and on-trend, no matter what your style is. So whether you like classic styles, trends or the latest runway looks, these types will […]

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MySQL pivot row into dynamic number of columns

Lets say I have three different MySQL tables: TableA products: id | name 1 Product A 2 Product B TableA partners: id | name 1 Partner A 2 Partner B TableA sales: partners_id | products_id 1 2 2 5 1 5 1 3 1 4 1 5 2 2 2 4 2 3 1 1 I would like […]

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Different types of Fleece Fabrics

Fleece fabrics are often used in jackets, blankets, and other winter garments. It is a synthetic material that is warm, soft, and lightweight. Fleece can be made with different yarns to have different properties. Below are the different types of fleece fabrics. Fleece fabric can be divided into three main types: pilling resistant fleece, brushed […]

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How to Pick a Colour Which Suits You?

When picking a dress, you always choose your favourite colour, which isn’t a good thing. Apart from your favourite colour, you must try different colours and dresses for your body. When you’re getting ready for an occasion, you must figure out what suits you the best and make you look different and elegant. People mistake […]

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Significance of Providing High Quality Wholesale Clothing Fabric

Shopping Culture Increased Frequency of Shopping Fashion is a way of venting oneas views, standards and cultures, comforts and personalities. A reasonable shopping culture has directed to an escalation in the number of shopaholics, which sequentially increased the frequency of shopping. Now, the world has been transformed into online industry and people choose to buy […]

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Cuff Link Shirt

If you want to findA cuff link shirtA Models that you canA use with cufflinks, which are gifts for special occasions, inA color tones that you can always use, you should follow the website of Makrom.A While especially the shirtA models are produced in white in the market, Makrom company hasA also colored itsA cuff link shirt modelsA with personalized shirt options.A Not only in […]

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What are the Latest Equipment Using in Wedding Photography

It is crucial to ensure that Wedding Photographers in Toronto come to provide services using the most modern equipment for photography.A A Wedding Photography business is evaluated by a variety of elements, which include excellent service and support prior to the wedding, during the reception and following the wedding.A There are also great pricing and packages offered […]

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Proven Email Marketing Tips And Tricks For The Average Person

If you would like to increase the number of people that are on your network but you don’t know how to do this, then you’re at the right place. Several people aren’t sure how to add new people to a subscription list. When emailing your customers, an excellent suggestion is to follow up with lower […]

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The four key claims revealed in Prince Andrewas legal papers

We take a look at the key claims and what they mean for the case going forward.

Partying Aussies let their hair down while thousands hold protests to mark Australia Day

Beach parties and marches through cities marked the national holiday.

Hero couple take in more than 60 stray dogs from cold as Istanbul hit with huge snowfall

Tugay Abukan is building on his reputation as the 'forest angel', for his work feeding hundreds of street dogs for 13 years.

Homeless man snuck onto plane to asmoke a cig and drink a beera

MartinA Rudzki, 35, told police he athought it would be coola to hop into the luggage hold.

Blackpool FC footballer found not guilty of rape following trial

'Now that a jury has found me to be innocent of all charges I wish to put this episode behind me.'

I add colour to Auschwitz registration photos to educate people about the Holocaust

I know that when I am colourising them that this is probably the last photograph ever taken of this person.

Where is Ukraine on the map and when did it leave Russia?

Fears of a Russian invasion are continuing to mount.

Prince Andrewas demand for a jury trial in sex case is him saying abring it ona

'What youave really got here is Prince Andrew saying, aYou want to bring these claims? Well, in that case, you have to prove everything that youare saying".'

Thug threatened to dismember neighbour and make her jump from burning flat like a9/11a

He threatened to dismember and kill her in a seemingly unprovoked campaign of vile abuse.

Doctors find aantibody signaturea predicting who is at risk from long Covid

Experts in Zurich have developed a way to tell which patients are most vulnerable to long Covid.

aPartygate saga ahas made Britain a laughing stock around the worlda

European and US media poured scorn on the Prime Minister.

aPutin is a danger to worlda warns Russian activist ahead of trip to Ukraine

Russian dissident says he lives in fear of his life despite having been granted political asylum in the UK.

aCaring and funnya Brit dad-of-three drowns in hotel yoga fall after retiring to India

Iain Francis, 68, is thought to have hit his head on a rock as he fell into the water in 2019.

England officially ends Plan B as mask rules and vaccine passes are axed

Covid rules in England have changed once again as further restrictions come to an end.

Names could be redacted in apartygatea report as Labour fears a acover-upa

Civil service unions have urged that government employees are not 'hung out to dry'.

Tonga hit by 6.2 magnitude earthquake two weeks after devastating volcanic eruption

It comes as navy ships from Australia and UK arrived bringing aid.

North Korea continues to provoke US with sixth missile launch of the year

Kim Jong-un has ordered six launches in 2022 in a bid to force Washington back to the negotiating table.

Robot performs keyhole surgery without human help for the first time

The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (Star) carried out delicate laparoscopic surgery in the US.

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