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Ranch Dressing house sets example for modernization with minimal impact

Construction is a significant contributor to waste and climbing carbon levels. So when this 1960s house faced redesign options, Oakland, California-based Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design decided to salvage the old house by updating it from the outside in.[...]

Single-use food packaging waste nearly doubled during the pandemic

Single-use food and beverage container waste found on Canadian coasts almost doubled during the peak of COVID-19. This is according to the 2020 "Dirty Dozen"A reportA prepared by the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. About 15,000 volunteers helped clean 41,000 kilograms of litter from the Canadian shorelines in 2020.[...]

Record-breaking heat waves ravaging the West are not normal, scientists warn

Climate experts are raising alarm over the scorching weather across much of the western U.S. Although high-pressure zones are not uncommon in the summer, the "heat domes" with persistent high-pressure zones usually come toward August. This year, several states have already witnessed persistent scorching temperatures that cannot pass for normal summer heat.[...]

LA's Barnsdall Art Park revives historic olive grove

Barnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood already has a lot going for it. People of all ages take art classes at the Barnsdall Art Center and learn about art at the Municipal Art Gallery. Hollyhock House, the residence famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed for art lover/philanthropist/oil heiress Aline Barnsdall, is Los Angeles' first UNESCO World Heritage Site. But now, visitors can expect something new and different: the rejuvenation of the parkas historic olive grove. This is just the thing for a city with a climate similar to the Mediterranean, and it fits right in as part of LA's strategy[...]

Therme Art unveils 3 urban sustainability projects at Venice Architecture Biennale

"Through the pandemic, we learned that our cities are basically monocultures of human life," said Mikolaj Sekutowicz, curator and co-founder of Therme Art. "This makes them vulnerable, because we cannot live without the other life a the other organisms that created our bodies over 200,000 years of evolution." Many of us have felt that vulnerability as COVID-19 spread human misery and constraints through urban neighborhoods.[...]

Transportation hub in Sweden has a futuristic, floating solar roof

The afloatinga solar roof in Swedenas VA$?sterAY=s Travel Center may be just an illusion, but the power it generates is entirely real. The design for the new transportation hub will include several other sustainability features, including rainwater recycling, and allow for better access to the cityas public transit stations.[...]

Potentially harmful PFAS found in makeup products sold in North America

Potentially harmful traces of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as "forever chemicals", have been found in several makeup products sold in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters. In the study, the researchers tested 231 makeup products, including lipsticks, foundations and mascaras, and found some of the products to contain significant levels of PFAS.[...]

Stock up on sustainable personal care products this Prime Day

When it comes to personal care and beauty, finding ethical products can be tricky. Is it cruelty-free? Is it vegan? Is the packaging eco-friendly? The checklist for green products can be confusing, but the Inhabitat team is here to help. If you want to take care of the Earth while also taking care of yourself, check out this round-up of sustainable personal care deals for Amazonas 2021 Prime Day.[...]

New Sodexo Montreal offices include "Quality of Life" spaces

Commercial buildings completely focused on function often lose the opportunity to deliver mental and physical health features to employees as part of a comprehensive plan. Following the planning and recent completion of the new Sodexo Montreal building, located overlooking the Lachine Canal in Montreal, itas no surprise the resulting offices invite a well-rounded recipe of collaboration, peace of mind and wellness.[...]

Tech deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Tech gadgets are one of the most popular products to shop for on Prime Day, and that means the two-day event often focuses many of the best discounts on these items. Whether youare looking for smart home tech or solar-powered gadgets, thereas something for everyone. Here are the top deals on tech products for Prime Day 2021.[...]

Prime Day Deals on zero-waste essentials

Whether youare well-seasoned in living a zero-waste lifestyle or just getting started, ensuring you have enough essentials to cover your needs can be intimidating. Avoiding single-use plastic is harder than ever, but if you put together zero-waste kits for your home and car, you can take a major step toward reducing the amount of waste on Earth. If you are shopping during this Prime Day, consider these top deals on zero-waste products to help you ditch plastic for good.[...]

Shine Turbine is a wind-powered portable device charger

A modern problem of the off-grid and outdoorsy lifestyle is how to keep your devices powered. Battery packs are one option, but they have limited use and can be heavy and bulky. The team at Aurea Technologies has come to the rescue with the Shine Turbine, a compact and lightweight wind-powered turbine that offers renewable energy to outdoor enthusiasts who need to recharge electronic devices.[...]

Rocky Mountains experience more severe and frequent wildfires

A newA studyA published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that high elevation forests in Colorado and Southern Wyoming are experiencing bigger, more frequent and more severe wildfires than at any point in the past 2,000 years. According to the study, climate change has led to decreased snowfall and longer summers, triggering more wildfires.[...]

EU parliament calls for ban on caged farming practices

On Thursday, June 10, the European Parliament approved a report petitioning the European Commission to end caged farming of animals. The report also called on the commission to find ways to phase out forced feeding of ducks and geese to produce foie gras. The petition asked the commission to propose legislation that will phase out the use of caged animal farming in the EU, possibly by 2027.[...]

DMAA designs Residential Greenhouse in Germany

A new urban district is rising from the dust of the former Kellogg's site on the Aberseeinsel in Bremen, Germany. This working, living, educational and leisure area on the banks of the Weser River is focused on providing green spaces for human interaction. With this in mind, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects (DMAA) has unveiled its design for a residential building in the complex, which is expected to break ground later this year.[...]

All-electric affordable housing in Aspen to run on solar energy

A new, 53,000-square-foot building in Aspen is set to become one of the first multi-family structures to run entirely on electricity and solar energy in Colorado. The $19 million project, funded by Aspen Skiing Company and set to open in early June 2021, is a response to the areaas affordable housing and climate crises.[...]

Loci vegan shoes give back to animal conservation efforts

When it comes to sustainability, typical shoes miss all the marks. Loaded with virgin petroleum-based materials and requiring generations to break down in the landfill, shoes are a significant source of waste. But shoe brand Loci is dedicated to changing that with a line of sneakers that are made from recycled materials and are proudly vegan.[...]

Cruise ships, shipping vessels can now earn a "Whale-Safe" label

An Italian NGO has launched a new eco-label that will be awarded to freight and cruise companies that take steps to prevent their ships from colliding with whales. The World Sustainability Organization has launched the new Whale-Safe label via Friends of the Sea, a project that certifies fisheries as well as aquaculture and tourism efforts toward a more sustainable world.[...]

WSU Everett building sets the gold standard for campus design

The Washington State University Everett building is setting the tone for the brand-new WSU branch campus. The new campus will expand access to STEM-focused programs, and the new building truly pays homage to this field of study. This is the building that will define the campus. Paired with Everett Community College across the street, the campus creates an entire education district where students can seek higher learning of all types.[...]

Descendants Of Earth is a video game that tackles real-world problems

Concerns about climate change are everywhere. Companies are making products with ocean plastic, corporations are focusing on sustainability and people are learning how to incorporate green technology into their daily lives. Now, even video games are addressing this real-world crisis. It was only a matter of time.[...]

FreeWater is the startup connecting people to free, clean water

A new philanthropic marketing startup based out of Austin, Texas is providing companies with a way to advertise while doing good. FreeWater provides beverages in eco-friendly, BPA-free packaging paid for by the ads printed directly onto the bottles. Companies can choose to either distribute them for free or sell them for a profit.[...]

Scientists use bacteria to turn plastic waste into vanilla flavoring

Scientists have converted plastic bottles into vanilla flavoring using genetically engineered bacteria. According to research published in theA journal Green Chemistry, genetically engineered E-Coli bacteria has been used to convert terephthalic acid (TA) from plastic waste into vanillin.[...]

Critical Antarctic ice shelf breaking away at an alarming rate

A new study published in Science Advances has revealed that the Pine Island Glacier's ice shelf is breaking away at a rate much faster than previously measured. If the ice shelf holding the Pine Iceland Glacier together breaks away, the entire iceberg may fall into the sea.[...]

Adventuring in New River Gorge, the newest US national park

In the late afternoon, after a physically hard day of building trails, a group of shirtless young guys take turns belaying each other as they scramble up a huge rockface. These climbing-lovers are answering the call of southern West Virginiaas Nuttall sandstone. Named for early coal developer John Nuttall, its 98% quartz composition means itas one of the hardest sandstones you can find. aThis is the best sandstone on earth,a says rock climbing guide Paul Nelson, who moved here from Utah. aPeople come from all over the world to climb.a[...]

Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange City Reception Center is a hidden art hall in China

Made using sustainable materials like local wood and low-emissivity glass, the Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange City Reception Center helps link the areaas surrounding ecological forest with the architecture of China and Italy. The concept was taken from a combination of Italian style and aRuyi,a an ancient Chinese decorative object used as a gift to foreign ambassadors to represent friendly relations between countries.[...]

PSUs LEED Platinum School of Business features regionally sourced timber

Downtown Portlandas reputation for sustainability has been elevated yet again with Portland State Universityas latest addition a the Karl Miller Center, a LEED Platinum-certified renovation and a major addition to the Universityas School of Business. Designed by SRG Partnership in collaboration with Behnisch Architekten, the Karl Miller Center is a multipurpose destination that provides spaces for gathering, studying and collaborating under one roof while simultaneously activating the streetscape with connections to the cityas network of public spaces.[...]

G7 leaders commit to curb climate change, but fall short on coal

On Sunday, G7 leaders committed to take action against global warming and to protect biodiversity, but they failed to set a date to stop coal exploration. During the 47th G7 summit held in Cornwall, U.K., the leaders of the world's most industrialized nations were expected to lead the way in curbing carbon emissions.[...]

8 eco-conscious Prime Day Deals

There are so many ways to make your daily life a little more eco-friendly. Youave probably heard all kinds of sustainability tips, from taking shorter showers to recycling. Today, there are also green options for everything from makeup to toothbrushes. While we all want to make good choices for the planet, itas also important to make good choices for your budget. Amazonas Prime Day offers an incredible number of deals, and we here at Inhabitat are highlighting a few environmentally conscious options for you.[...]

BREEAM-certified residential development in Spain earns the name 'Nature'

Construction in populated areas requires a focus on the function of the development as well as the visual appeal. With some creativity, attention to green design can deliver these necessities for the residents and also protect the planet. This is what Kronos Homes, in collaboration with Adoras Atelier Architecture, had in mind with the recent residential development dubbed Nature, located near the sands of Playa de San Juan in Alicante, Spain.[...]

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From marmalade to classic limoncello, citrus brightens winter days

"All along the coast of Italy, from Liguria down of course to Sicily, and especially southern Sicily, citrus grows beautifully," Domenica Marchetti says

Vietnam inspires a bright and fresh post-holiday chicken salad

This recipe for Hue Chicken Salad is the perfect dish to ease you into your meal-plan reboot. It’s packed with bright and fresh flavours, and every bite is a new experience

aPurple powera: Vibrant, violet-hued foods are predicted to be on your plate in 2017

Purple sweet potatoes, purple cauliflower, and purple asparagus – violet-hued foods are projected to be increasingly on the plate in 2017

Make the most of in-season pomegranate with festive recipes from Yasmin Khan's Persian kitchen

"It’s so magical to have this fruit in the midst of winter. This incredibly bright, scarlet fruit that is so flavoursome," Persian cook and writer Yasmin Khan says

Sweet treats for that perfect holiday brunch

These sweet ideas for Christmas brunch will have your family going to bed with visions of breakfast, not sugar plums, dancing in their heads

Festive take on risotto creates special New Yearas Eve dish

Since it is New Year’s Eve, why not spurge with Champagne and chanterelles?

Easy sides for the big day: Get ahead of the game with Christmas sides made early

Top chefs prepare side dishes ahead of time so they can enjoy family time, Liane Faulder writes

Comfort food, French-style: Endives with ham for a moment of comfort

“A great way to make children eat their vegetables,” says cookbook author Mimi Thorisson

Equal parts cocktails make for effortless holiday entertaining

Streamlined and stylish, “equal parts” sippers fit the bill for the holidays. As cocktail writer Kara Newman points out, some of the best cocktails also happen to be the easiest to make

Cult-status aRooster saucea Sriracha is now available in Thailand

Cult-status Huy Fong Foods' Sriracha is now available in Thailand, Mashable reports

Five-alarm flavour from a firefighter

Oven-roasted lamb chops with mint chimichurri among 140 dishes in Patrick Mathieu's Firehouse Chef: Recipes from Canada's Firefighters

Sweet, spicy nuts are irresistible

A tin of spiced nuts is a great secret weapon to have on hand over the holidays. They're the perfect accompaniment to a glass of eggnog or a holiday cocktail

Just for the halibut, a refreshingly simple and speedy way to keep fish moist

This is a refreshingly simple, clean-tasting and very quick way to keep fish moist, and to minimize its aromatic effect as it cooks in your kitchen

A fresh take on Hanukkah food traditions with zengoula, Iraqi funnel cakes

"Hanukkah is this great story of freedom – freedom of expression. What a perfect opportunity to make your table more multicultural in ways that represent the greater Jewish story"

Elegant but oh-so-easy, for your joyeux Noel

Buche de Noel is not intimidating; in fact, Dorie Greenspan calls it "easy"

Love brunch but hate lineups? Cook it yourself

Nothing cures a holiday hangover quite like a hearty brunch. Our Bacon Cinnamon Pancakes are the perfect combination of sweet and savoury

Christmas stollen rich in history

Jewelled breads, studded with candied fruits and nuts, are hallmarks of the Christmas holiday

Comforting and indulgent, shortcut moussaka is a nice dish for holiday entertaining

This is a nice dish for holiday entertaining — comforting and indulgent at the same time — and you can assemble the casserole early in the day and bake it just before dinner

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